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Freight Forward Document Generator

Effortlessly streamline your freight forwarding operations with Shivam Infosystem's comprehensive software, powering efficient bill of lading, HAWB, Air Way Bill, and invoicing.

Shivam Infosystem's Freight Forward Software is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for freight forward companies, offering seamless management of various aspects including bill of lading, House Air Way Bill (HAWB), Air Way Bill (AWB), and invoicing. With this software, users can streamline their operations and improve efficiency in the following ways:

Features and benefit:

  • Bill of Lading Management:
    The software provides tools to easily generate, manage, and track bill of lading documents. It ensures accurate and efficient handling of shipment details, cargo specifications, and terms of transportation.

  • HAWB and AWB Management:
    The software facilitates the creation and management of House Air Way Bills (HAWB) and Air Way Bills (AWB). Users can generate these documents, track their status, and maintain a comprehensive record of air cargo shipments.

  • Invoicing:
    The software simplifies the invoicing process by automating the creation and management of invoices. It enables users to generate accurate invoices based on shipment details, rates, and additional charges, ensuring timely billing to customers.